• web design

    web design

    At Creative Chaos, we pride ourselves on delivering modern, stylish and appropriate web design services. Regardless of whether you are a well established business or just starting out, you need to reach your target audience, and they need be engaged by what they see.

    We focus on ensuring that through your site design, information is simple to find and uncluttered, whilst also providing a visually stimulating experience for the end user.

    We also focus on preparing the site for Search Engine Optimisation and ongoing maintainability.

  • web development

    web development

    Does your website need customisation?

    Have a great idea for a website but not sure where to start?

    Our web developers have a wide range of skills and can work with you to customise your website with whatever functionality you need. We are happy to discuss with you the best way to get your website ideas off the ground. If you are looking to add more functionality to your website, or change the way your site currently operates, why not get in touch today.

  • search engine optimization

    Having a web site is only the first step towards making use of the internet as a marketing tool. Just as important is the need to promote your site to ensure you attract as many potential customers as possible. Search engine optimisation is a crucial step of your web marketing plan.

    Search engines display different kinds of listings on a search engine results page, including paid advertising in the form of pay per click advertisements, as well as unpaid organic search results.

    We can work with you to improve your rankings in both the organic and the pay per click results of a search on the major search engines.

  • newsletters & marketing

    Email marketing is a powerful, highly accountable and cost effective tool that can be used to promote your web site.

    Emails and Newsletters can be sent to targeted groups and can be accurately tracked through to the point of action all at a fraction of the cost of traditional direct mail.

    Our email marketing services range from HTML email production through to email execution and email database management. Email campaigns can be executed within tight timeliness and offer you a cost effective and targeted alternative to traditional direct mail.

  • website maintenance

    Most people do not have time to keep their site up to date, nor the expertise to do it right, and yet it is imperitive to the success of your online business that your site be correctly maintained.

    We offer both a fixed rate maintenance and support service (billed at an hourly rate for each job), and an ongoing maintenance and support plan which can be tailored to suit each individual client.

  • e-commerce

    If you have products or services to offer, an eCommerce enabled website can greatly improve revenue by providing you with the ability to reach a global audience 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whilst also reducing costs.

    We have vast experience in delivering eCommerce solutions to a wide range of businesses. Whether you want to setup a shopping website for your customers or plan to introduce an online order processing system for your affiliates and partners, we can provide you with the right solution for your business.

    We are leading developers of VPASP Shopping Cart based websites.

  • print design & branding

    At Creative Chaos, we can assist with creating or refreshing your corporate identity and logo, as well as organise the design and printing of your new business cards, brochures, letterheads and more.

    A great logo is far more than just a pretty picture. Your corporate image relies on a logo design that is polished, distinctive and memorable. We can assist in providing you with a fantastic logo that will leave your customers with a positive impression about your company.


About Us

Creative Chaos is a Melbourne web design company specialising in the design and development of websites for small to medium sized businesses.

Providing graphic design, web design, web development, web hosting, and e-commerce solutions (specialists with VPASP Shopping Cart), we have all your web requirements covered.

At Creative Chaos, we recognise small businesses desire to compete with the "big boys" and as such we focus on delivering cost effective solutions to further enhance your competitive edge.

Clients & Testimonials

Thank you to Michael and his team for meeting all our requirements and ensuring our web platforms are working efficiently and tailored to our target market. - Juan Pedraza (SydneyTools.com.au)Sydney Tools

LOVE the look of the web page! It's great. Thank you for everything - the website, all the help you've given me so far, the whole caboodle! I'm very grateful. - Catie Morrison (Morrison Mentoring)Morrison Mentoring